By Glenda Gutierrez

“I love staying at the Kapatiran dorm!”

That’s my invariable answer if asked why I’m staying so near my workplace. The next predictable question was why I love staying at the Kapatiran dorm; and my ready answer is “because of the convenience it provides me.”

By staying at Kapatiran-Kaunlaran Foundation Inc. (KKFI), I avoid the hassle of traffic and the epic struggle of getting jeepney rides. By staying at Kapatiran dorm, all I needed to do every morning was to simply go down the stairs and, voila! I’d be at the office in less than three minutes.


One of the Kapatiran dorms – Nellie L. Mercado Ladies Dormitory where the author resides.


I believe I share the same reason with some 300 students staying there. I guess they, too, found out that residing at the Kapatiran dorm is truly convenient.

The KKFI is centrally located in the University Belt near the Far Eastern University, the University of Santo Tomas, the University of the East and other colleges and universities. It is also near many review centers and the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) itself.

There are likewise many restaurants and banks nearby.  Short commutes to these institutions are no problem since there are lots of jeepneys plying the route.

There are many amenities inside the KKFI compound that I like: 1. The rooms are spacious and reasonable priced (There are air-conditioned rooms and fan rooms); 2. The many toilets and baths; 3. The study areas and an air-conditioned library within the compound: 4. The student center (K-Hub) where you and your friends can study and do school projects, play ping pong or board games or simply hang out, and lastly: 5. The lawn garden where you can hang out with friends and commune with nature.


A CONDUCIVE PLACE TO STUDY. Aside from study areas, KKFI has an air-conditioned library where residents can study.



A PARADISE IN THE METROPOLIS. KKFI Garden is one of the amenities of the Kapatiran dorms. It is a quiet place and pleasing to the eyes.


Also, the activities make Kapatiran dorms different from other dorms. I personally enjoy the parties like Orientation-Acquaintance Parties, Christmas and Valentine’s Parties. The games played during these parties are really fun and exciting. And the raffle prizes are really cool, like cellphones and mp3 players.

And there are monthly musical events, the “One Day Gig,” where residents perform for their fellow-residents. I enjoyed listening to the Kapatiran Dorm band with Tanae Briones as the lead singer.


Kapatiran dorm band with Tanae Briones as lead singer performs during the “One Day Gig.”


But the best thing about the Kapatiran dorm is the feeling of being “home away from home.” Residents are treated like family.

The dormitory manager and dormitory assistants are like mothers/sisters who look after their children. They take care of you and ask if you and your studies are okay. They also look for you when you are late at night. Parents are assured that they have alter-egos where their kids are staying working in their stead 24/7.

I remember one time when I got sick, Mommy Fath, the dormitory assistant, took care of me. She gave me my medicines and bought meals for me because I was bedridden. They are even willing to take sick residents to a hospital when it is imperative that they need immediate medical care.

Indeed, I feel safe staying at KKFI. I really love staying there. For me, it is one of the best places to stay. It is truly a haven!

For inquiries, please email kkfi1950@yahoo.com or call +63-2-7354663 for ladies or 7354661 for men.


(Glenda Gutierrez is the Communications, Information and Social Media Coordinator of KKFI. Because she hates Manila’s traffic jam, she prefers to stay at the Kapatiran dorm. She has been enjoying the comforts and conveniences of Kapatiran dorm since Typhoon Ondoy devastated their house in Roxas District, Quezon City in 2009.)




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