After 66 years, we are still rising, still uplifting others

(Reflecting on last year’s performance, Mr. David Gutierrez wrote an article for the latest issue of Kapatiran Newsletter wherein he enumerated some noteworthy accomplishments of the Kapatiran-Kaunlaran Foundation Inc. (KKFI) in 2015, his last term as chairman of the Board of Trustees after one and a half decades of being at its helm. This year, Mr. Gutierrez opted to occupy the position of the Foundation’s auditor and chairperson of the Committee on Infrastructures, aiming to focus on improving and constructing buildings for KKFI. We are reprinting his article in our Kapatiran Stories blog site.)


Proverbs 11:25 (MSG), which says: “The one who blesses others is abundantly blessed; those who help others are helped,” aptly intones KKFI’s theme for the year 2015 – “We Rise by Lifting Others.”

Sixty-six years had passed since the Kapatiran-Kaunlaran Foundation Inc. (KKFI) was founded as a United Methodist Church-related social development institution, yet it has not lost sight of its commitment that aims to serve the most underprivileged and economically disadvantaged members of our society.

Since then, education and training have been the heart of KKFI’s programs and services. This is the main vehicle and methodology used to transform people, sectoral groups and whole communities as embodied in the Primary Purpose of our Charter.

We have enhanced our educational program and our vocational and technological training through our partnership with DepEd and TESDA, respectively as follow:

  1. The KKFI Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) has been offering Nursery, Kindergarten, and Supervised Neighborhood Play in three communities at present.


CDC children color drawings of the Philippine flags in commemoration of the Philippine Independence day


  1. Alternative Learning System

We are now into the 4th year of implementing the Alternative Learning System (ALS) program and there are more than 100 out-of-school children and youth who enrolled this year.


ALS students at Magsaysay, Tondo, Manila during a group dynamics.


  1. Training for Employment

In order to help address the problems of education and employment of youth, we have partnered with Next Generation Technological College to implement a new program that will allow out-of-school youth, who graduated from high school but who, because of poverty, could no longer pursue education, whether college or technical-vocatio-nal courses.


The training program offers TESDA-accredited courses using the Dual Training System (DTS), a training delivery system that involves two venues of learning: the training center where theoretical inputs are given and the industry-based training, where practical training is held. The course design is based on the need of the industry-partner with the approval of TESDA.The training had officially started in December, with an enrolment of 37 students, most of whom came from various municipalities of the Apayao province.

  1. Livelihood Training and Entrepreneurship

The KKFI is an accredited training and testing center of TESDA. In 2015, we were able to train 230 individuals in massage therapy and beauty care, specializing in hair science.

Through the years, KKFI was able to carry on its mission, to be an agent of revolutionizing change through education and community empowerment. And it has not only survived, it flourished. We are able also to continue our social services such as Student Ministry, Youth Advocacies, Healing Ministry & Community Outreach, Day Center for the Elderly and others.

The KKFI has been blessed as our theme for the year and the Scripture verse suggest. On KKFI’s self-reliant objective, I am pleased to announce that KKFI, based on the audited Financial Statements as of December 31, 2015, is now financially self-sufficient to carry out its various programs and services. By God’s grace and His Divine intervention, KKFI has greatly enhanced its resource mobilization through the following:


BLESSING KAPATIRAN’S NEW BREAD STORE. Asking for God’s abundant blessing, the Rev. Riche Sagun reads the Gospel as the staff members and volunteers of the Kapatiran-Kaunlaran Foundation Inc. (KKFI) listen to him. Pastor Rich also asked for God’s blessing for the new business venture of the Livelihood Program. To complement the bakery that has been operating for several months inside the KKFI compound, a new bread store called “Daily Bread,” located along P. Paredes Street, Sampaloc, Manila, was launched yesterday, June 13, 2016. During the launching, the newly assigned KKFI chaplain cited the Bible verse found in John 6: 35, which says: “Then Jesus declared, ‘I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty’.”


Networking and Partnership

We have established networks and partnerships through LOVE (Learning Opportunities thru Volunteer Engagement) with the United Methodist Agencies that helped us advocate in addressing issues and mobilize resources for our programs.

  1. We continue to receive grants from United Methodist Women, General Board on Global Ministries through Advance, North Georgia Conference-Bridge Program, LaGrange College and from individuals and local churches in the US to support our various programs.
  2. The US Peace Corps chose KKFI for the third year to be the venue of their initial orientation to new batch of volunteers. “A Day with Peace Corps” was done at the Manila North Cemetery on September 9, 2015, participated in by at least 105 children and parents.
  3. Established a Vocational School in partnership with Next Generation Technological College that offers TESDA-accredited courses using Dual Training System (DTS)

Effective Management and stewardship of Resources

  1. Effective operational and financial management plus enhanced team work among the Staff.
  2. Continuing upgrade and renovations of facilities such as the former gentlemen’s dorm now converted to air-conditioned Guest House, conversion of the 2nd floor of Nellie Mercado Hall to a Training Center for Great Seas Mariners, upgrade of Student Center and the Gymnasium with a built-in small office being rented out.

Amid everything, KKFI remains committed to its Vision, Mission and Goals of serving the poor.

We give our thanks and praises to God for the chance to celebrate the challenge in working with our network partners . They have helped us realize our mission as we move into the future. Yes, “We Rise by Lifting Others”!

To God be the glory!


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