by Hanna Marie Flores

(Ms. Flores, the education officer of Kapatiran-Kaunlaran Foundation Inc. [KKFI], is like a mother to the Foundation’s scholars. She shows her empathy in this blog.)


No projects are without glitches, but how I wish ours—the Open High School Program—was the exemption to the rule.  I assure you my reason is not selfish.

Recently, I received a bad news that broke in my heart. The funder of our Open High School Program informed Adamson that it will not be funding students that are not enrolled in Grade 7. Hence, we have to pull out one student from Grade 8 and three more from Grade 9, a total a four.

However, in return, they have guaranteed the assistance until Senior High for the remaining enrolees in Grade 7 and that they will allot a total 22 slots for us. Currently, we have six enrolees in Grade 7 and we are still looking for 16 more potential out-of-school youths (OSYs) to fill up the remaining slots.

It was a good compromise. However, it is still heart-breaking to think that the dreams of four young persons were put in limbo.

I always see our beneficiaries as a family, and in a family no one should get left behind. I keep telling them that we will achieve our dreams together and that we will graduate together. And on their graduation day, I will be like a stage mother cheering for them as their names are being called up on the stage. No one will be left behind.

It’s probably one of the reasons why I find it difficult to break the news to them. How do I tell them that they cannot continue? And that they are up for another disappointment?  It’s never easy to break a bad news.

Nonetheless, it’s not yet the end. When a door closes, another one will open. Those that will be pulled out will be offered a chance to continue their schooling through Alternative Learning System (ALS) and there’s also a possibility that they will be absorbed in our scholarship program, which means they will have the opportunity to continue in a formal school.

Still, no one is left behind.


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