KKFI Dormitory: A Win-Win Situation

By Ma. Mercedes C. Co
I was born in Manila 19 years ago but I was raised by my parents, who are both engineers, in Borongan, Eastern Samar. I have four siblings and I am the second to the last, the second of two daughters. I took up Accountancy and I am the first female in the family to do so.
For someone who lived most of her life in Eastern Samar, Manila is a different universe. At least, that was my impression when I first came to Manila to study. It was a total culture shock. The city is noisy, dusty, and full of people.
Finding a dormitory that won’t trigger my claustrophobia was a challenge. But, lo and behold, we found the Kapatiran-Kaunlaran Foundation Inc. (KKFI).
The best thing about the room of KKFI is that they’re spacious. A normal room has four single beds and eight lockers. They have an open grass lawn that I can always go to whenever the outside world suffocates me.
They set up special rooms for students – a library for the ones who want to study, and a hub for those who want to relax.
And just when I though dormitories were solely profit-generating buildings, I found out that our payments go to social works that benefit the poor of the city. I used to wonder why there was a “Foundation” on the name “KKFI.” Now I know.
Things started clearing out when I saw their annual reports summarizing their activities, which focused on helping the underprivileged through social outreach, alternative learning system courses, and partnering with TESDA to conduct vocational courses.
Informed now, I see to it that I pay for my dorm room ahead of the deadline. Hungry children can’t wait that long for their food, can they?
And it was a healthy win-win situation for after four years in KKFI’s care, I graduated cum laude from PUP-Manila’s Accountancy program In April 2016.
While my siblings and I have been constant academic achievers from elementary until college, I was the first to achieve a Latin honor. And KKFI greatly contributed to that success a lot. Thanks, KKFI!
Note: Mercedes Co checked out of the KKFI dormitory after passing the Licensure examination on Accountancy taken last October 2016.

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