Success is Kind to Those Who Persevere

Success is Kind to Those Who Persevere

By Glenda B. Gutierrez


The reason why Lilibeth Eliver, 38, decided to pursue high school diploma was she wants “the best for my family. She said she wants to help her husband earn money so her children can enjoy the best they, the parents, can offer.

Lilibeth is the wife of Vicente “Vincent” Eliver, a social worker of the Kapatiran-Kaunlaran Foundation Inc. (KKFI) who is in-charge of the organization’s Alternative Learning System (ALS) Program. Vincent knew the value of education and that of ALS as another route in achieving one’s aspirations. Hence, he encouraged her to pursue her dreams and the journey starts with ALS.

But the destination did not come easily nor immediately to Lilibeth. Nothing did. Lilibeth hails from Lucena, Quezon. The youngest in a brood of eight, she had to stop schooling because her parents could not afford it. So she looked for a job to help augment her family’s income. She worked as a secretary to a photo printing company. She gained the skills in photo printing and was promoted as printer.

She was in the first level of high school but was able to pass the Philippine Educational Placement Test (PEPT) of the Department of Education to qualify for third level of high school.

In 1997, she met Vincent, fell in love, lived together and had four girls. Their eldest was born deaf, a   challenge they hurdled by learning sign language by observing their daughter’s class.

Lilibeth enrolled in the Massage Therapy training of KKFI and graduated in October 2013. She became a certified massage therapist when she received a National Certificate II (NCII) from the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA).

The next year, she set her eyes on finishing her high school studies and enrolled in the ALS Program. She came upon another bump on the road when she failed to pass the Accreditation and Equivalency (A&E) examination in 2015.  However, she was unfazed. She pursued and dedicated whatever free time she had in studying her lessons.

She borrowed and read the modules at home. She took the essay portion of the exam seriously and practiced at every opportunity.

Indeed, perseverance and dedication are the key to success. Lilibeth was able to pass the A&E exam on her second try. She was among the 23 who successfully passed in July 2016 who were honored by KKFI on its 66thFounding Anniversary.



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