Economic Opportunity Given to Women of the Manila North Cemetery

By Vicente V. Eliver
Yesterday, March 8, 2017 the Kapatiran-Kaunlaran Foundation Inc. (KKFI) launched the “Happy Women, Happy Community” Project to benefit the women and single mothers of the Manila North Cemetery, particularly the members of SAMANTAGANOR (Samahan ng Mga Manggagawa at Tagapangalaga sa Norte). This was held at the KKFI Prudente Hall.

Happy Women, Happy Community Project aims to empower women by providing them training and development.

Women are oftentimes left at home, some being subjected to abuse and exploitation due to their limited capacities to address the needs of the family.

This project is a boost to their self-worth. The economic engagement will give them the opportunity to be key actors of change in their family and community as well.

The United Methodist Women of the United Methodist Church under their International Ministries with Women, Children & Youth granted KKFI ample amount of money last year 2016. Said grant will be used to provide of capital for the small scale business of Manila North Cemetery residents.

The KKFI management and recipients were excited with the initial kick off of the project. After a series of personality and small scale entrepreneurial trainings, 12 project proponents received certificates and the initial capital worth five thousand pesos (P 5,000.00) each giving them the opportunity to start a new or to expand their business activities.

The program started at 10 am, with the short devotion officiated by KKFI Chaplain Pastor Olympia Marcos.

She read the message from the book of Matthew about the Parable of the Talents that inspired and blessed the project proponents and staff who attended the service.

She cited the major point in her short message saying “All of us was granted by God a talent or talents. By using these talents and trying to improve them more, more talents will be granted. Using money in the right purpose will help you gain more and will make your life better.

Ms. Nancy C. Nicolas, KKFI Executive Director, in her short message also cited the importance of this project in relation with KKFI concerns on community building, economic and family well being of the residents in Manila North Cemetery.

Ms. Nancy Nicolas, left, encourages the women recipients to use their talents to earn for themselves and their families.


She also encouraged the proponents to collaborate as a cooperative to better handle these projects and earn more.

We praise God for this opportunity to help the women and single mothers of the Manila North Cemetery. Special thanks also to the United Methodist Women for approving our proposal, and to Ms. Nancy C. Nicolas and Sir Rexan Dayao who authored the proposal.


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