by Eda Acierto

(We are re-posting the the article on Eureka Joy Bueno, a loyal dormitory resident who stayed at the Kapatiran dormitory from 1997 to 2014 as part of the 67th Founding Anniversary celebration. This was first published in the 2013 Annual Report.)


Eureka Joy Bueno is one of the “big sisters” at the KKFI dormitory. She came to Manila in 1993 to continue her studies at the Philippine Christian University. She was a transferee from Saint Paul University.

In 1995, she worked as a secretary for a Chinese couple who owns a hardware business. It was in May 1997 when she decided to reside at KKFI to be with her younger sister, who was a resident from 1996 to 2000.

Joy was taking up a master’s degree in counseling at the De La Salle University (DLSU) when she was admitted to the KKFI dormitory.

Her family learned about KKFI dormitories from their pastor’s wife whose daughter had a reservation at KKFI. Since she was accepted at Mary Johnston College, they thought of transferring their reservation to Joy’s sister.

Joy said she likes KKFI because it gave her a safe place to stay.

“It has been home for me and I also found my second family here in the person of housemothers and dorm residents,” she said.

The dorm had a lot of activities to offer, such as acquaintance parties, Christmas parties, and most of all the weekly cell groups that started in 2004 and lasted up to 2008.

“It opened doors and increased my network of friends,” she pointed out.

Joining KKFI program and activities strengthened her passion to reach out to the community.

Her personal dream is to be a channel of blessing not just to her own family but to the community. She also wishes that her family will also feel the same passion she has in reaching out to people in need.

“KKFI has helped me see others as I see myself. To be more giving and to think of others’ needs first before one’s self,” she said.

She expressed hope that KKFI will continue its mission and vision to empower the people in the community.

Her message to KKFI staff, donors and stakeholders: “I would like to commend the efforts that KKFI staff put into their work — their going beyond the call of duty to serve and to be excellent in their work and for providing a warm and friendly accommodation for residents like myself. To the donors and stakeholders, I say, ‘thank you and may you be richly blessed for your generosity’.”


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