by Nancy C. Nicolas


“It was a life-changing experience,” I told the staff members during the Monday morning worship of the Kapatiran-Kaunlaran Foundation Inc. (KKFI). I was referring to my month-long stay in Maui, Hawaii to study evangelism and discipleship in the prestigious Haggai Institute.

Yes, you read it right—one month. The punishing mental calisthenics forced my brain muscles, dormant for some time, to move. Which should be a welcome development, I guess.

This brings me to what I learned about the things that occurred during my prolonged study leave. On the staff’s part, they also endured muscle punishment, but this time, however, not the mental variety. And not only muscles but also joints and ligaments. Not to mention the bruises their individual egos suffer every time someone comments about their performance.

You see, all departments of KKFI–the staff, volunteers, regular participants and even some KKFI dorm residents—are expected to come up with their respective presentation during the 67th founding anniversary celebration of the Foundation this coming July 20. And just like the celebrations in the past few years, this year’s celebration is expected to be as spectacular, if not more.

This year, KKFI is honouring the KKFI dormitories, which is a very crucial part of its existence. Without it, the social development programs, which has brought a lot of praises and honour to Kapatiran, would not be as far-reaching and effective. The dorms are the lifeblood of KKFI programs.

So, it is easy to surmise that the staff, volunteers and dorm residents have been practicing their dance presentations. That was actually the idea—to represent the decades of existence of the dorms through dances. Hence, the muscle pains, etc.

During the worship, Ms Nitz Nicolas echoed the sentiments of other staff. “Please allow the staff continue our practice sessions even after the anniversary celebration, would you?” she asked me. Obviously, in spite of the pain, they experienced joy in the activity. Aside from that, she said, it brought the staff closer. This means they now work more harmoniously together. Hence, they are motivated to accomplish more for the KKFI that ever before.

I was amazed by the news since I was set to intentionally integrate evangelism and discipleship in every program and activity of KKFI and I would need them to be motivated in helping accomplish this end, which is one of the commitments to Haggai Institute.

So I didn’t hesitate to tell Ate Nitz and the staff, “Of course, I will support your proposal. I have no reason to discontinue a good practice, especially if it will help KKFI in reaching its goals.”

I felt good about these developments. Like them, I found joy, too, despite going through pains. But patience, indeed, is a virtue. At the end of the tunnel, one will find joy.

So it was not only I who was undergoing a life-changing experience in Hawaii these past few weeks. Unknown to me then, my staff was also experiencing the same. Now that the teamwork and motivation of KKFI staff stronger than ever, we are ready for another level of achievement.

The KKFI, too, will start a new year in its life. It must prove that, in spite of its age, it is still driven for success, still eager to assist the needy, flexible and open enough to try new things that will lift up the lives of the poor and glorify God.


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