by Goody Mercado
Chairperson, KKFI Board of Trustees

(This message was shared as the Welcome Remarks to the 67th Founding Anniversary of Kapatiran-Kaunlaran Foundation Inc. yesterday, July 20, 2017 where the management honored the dormitory residents from 1950 to 2005.)


KKFI anniversary celebrations have become an annual event that the members of the Board of Trustees and the staff look forward to. Every year, the management could think of twists that surprise everyone. I remember anniversary celebrations that recognized the past Executive Directors, Board members, loyal staff members, institutional and individual partners, and, last years, ALS passers.

This year, we are honouring an unsung hero in the whole scheme of things of Kapatiran-Kaunlaran Foundation Inc. I’m referring to the Kapatiran Dormitory. We honour, too, its staff, past and present. Together with them, of course, are the dormitory residents who, through their patronage of the Kapatiran dormitory, wittingly or unwittingly financed the social development programs of Kapatiran.

You see, 100 percent of the income of the Kapatiran dormitory goes to the budget for programs, which help various marginalized and underprivileged groups in Manila, Bulacan and other places. This is the day we recognize and honour them. Congratulations!

Our theme is, “Nurturing Dorm Residents through the Decades.” I wonder how many students and reviewers the Kapatiran dorm have housed through its 50 or 60 years of existence. And I wonder where they are now. They must be successful and rich by now. Wherever they are and whatever economic state they are in, I guess this anniversary celebration is for them.

This may also serve as a prayer that they will continue to enjoy health and life abundant wherever they may be. Now, to those who are presently here, I heard we are in for a big surprise. I believe the staff prepared something special for us. I heard this is not just a simple celebration but a feast! Not necessarily a feast of foods (although they have prepared delightful array of them), but of period songs and dances made to satisfy our ears and eyes. I guess they are determined to make this day truly unforgettable. We will see by the end of the day.

I do hope they won’t disappoint us. Am I jumping the gun on you, my dear staff members? I’m sorry.

Kidding aside, I welcome you all to the 67th founding anniversary of KKFI, otherwise known as our beloved Kapatiran. Under the leadership of Nancy, we expect more success, more abundance and more fun for many, many years to come!

Thank you and enjoy!


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